The playful, precise cuisine at San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn inspires odes from Chowhound users and CHOW editors alike, who adore Chef Dominique Crenn’s poetry on the plate. Many think that Crenn’s kitchen produces SF’s best modernist cuisine.

This week the San Francisco 2013 Michelin Guide pretty much agreed. Yesterday Michelin announced its 2013 star rankings. Aside from the usual controversies about who won big (Meadowood again) and who was ignored (sorry State Bird), Atelier Crenn leapt from one star to two, making Dominique Crenn the only female chef in the United States ever to be so honored.

Jump into this discussion to talk about who won, who lost, and what Chowhounds think of Michelin‘s reviews.

Atelier Crenn [Cow Hollow]
3127 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

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