Little Osaka has long been a go-to restaurant destination on the Sawtelle Strip, but recent openings have expanded the options in this bustling neighborhood in West LA. Last weekend ROC Star Dumpling House (known on Facebook as ROC Kitchen) entered the mix. LA hound altstarr says the new Taiwanese/Chinese place is “reason to celebrate.” Though the prices are higher here than they would be in the San Gabriel Valley, the food is a solid attempt to bring a little bit of the SGV to the Westside. Xiao long bao and fried dumplings both had good skins and even better fillings. Also good: rice cakes with chicken, stir-fried glass noodles with crab, and some perfectly executed sautéed green beans with garlic. Once the kitchen kicks into full gear, Hainan chicken should even make an appearance.

ROC Star Dumpling House [Sawtelle Strip]
2049 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles
No phone available

Photo of xiao long bao by ROC Star Dumpling House / Facebook

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