Chances are you’ve never heard of the Pardee Home Museum in Oakland, but Chowhound jaiko thinks it serves the best afternoon tea in the SF Bay Area. The Pardee Home is a 19th-century architectural treasure (it originally housed a leading East Bay family). For $25 per person, museum volunteers prepare a spread for reserved groups of between 4 and 12. The price includes a private museum tour. When jaiko visited, the tea included open-faced lox sandwiches, crustless cucumber sandwiches with a fantastic (though unidentified) spread, tender-crisp pavlovas, delicate lemon curd tartlets, and almond brittle, with multiple pots of English Breakfast tea.

For details, check out the museum’s website.

Pardee Home Museum [East Bay]
672 11th Street, Oakland

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Photo from Pardee Home Museum

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