Dan tat, or egg custard tarts, are an Asian import that long ago took hold in bakeries and restaurants in the Bay Area. On Chowhound, Jon914 talked about a variation that popped up recently at Cupertino’s Joy Luck Palace. The milk tart, or nai tat, features the same flaky shell as an egg tart, but instead of containing a yolky egg mixture, it’s filled with a subtly sweet white milk custard. Milk tarts appeared on the scene in Hong Kong some time ago as a healthier alternative to classic egg tarts, gnomatic says. The Milpitas branches of Sheng Kee Bakery started making them a few years ago.

Joy Luck Palace [South Bay]
10911 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino

Sheng Kee Bakery [South Bay]
288 Barber Court, Milpitas

Sheng Kee Bakery [South Bay]
1842 N. Milpitas Boulevard, Milpitas

Photo by Jon914

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