Roy Choi brought the Kogi truck to Los Angeles and later founded Chego, a brick-and-mortar restaurant devoted to Asian rice bowls and comfort food. LA hound jsandler reports that Choi recently revamped Chego’s menu, and chrishei tried a number of the new additions. The smashed kabocha cup—roasted Japanese squash puréed with sweet potato and topped with breadcrumbs, vegetables, and a soy glaze—was a “pleasant surprise.” And chrishei liked both the Chicken Adobo Bowl with grilled onions and garlic shoyu and the Chego Man’s BBQ Bowl, Korean-style skirt steak and fried egg on top of rice with red romaine and kimchi juice.

Chego [Westside – Inland]
3300 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles

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Photo by Chego / Facebook

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