The way short-order cooks brown hash on an ancient carbon-steel griddle is poetry in motion, RealMenJulienne said on Chowhound. But can a home cook work the same magic on a removable stovetop griddle?

Sure, says masha, who has a stovetop griddle and loves it. Flipping is easy compared to a pan (no sides), it’s got plenty of space for cooking, and since it’s flat, it takes up very little storage space. Griddles that sit on top of burners can suffer from hot spots and uneven heating, but you can prevent that by preheating. Agreed, says jzerocsk, who loves the convenience of being able to make 10 pancakes at once—not to mention feeling like a pro while doing it.

Discuss: Envious of diner-style cooking, is a stovetop griddle worth it?

Photo of pancakes on a stovetop griddle from Shutterstock

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