Chowhounds who like Shanghainese food are already descending on brand-new Emperor Noodle in San Gabriel. Though ipsedixit thinks the restaurant is in a rather cursed location, other visitors have filed positive reports. The shen jian bao (pictured) are a must—PandanExpress says the outer shell of each ball has the perfect crispy bottom and pillowy top, and the meat inside is savory and surrounded by plenty of good broth. There’s also praise for the yellow fish noodles, with thin pasta and tasty chunks of meat. Chowhound odub took a walk on the menu’s wild side with pork kidney noodle soup. The noodles were freshly made, and the broth featured a nice blend of salt and spice.

Emperor Noodle [San Gabriel Valley]
800 W. Las Tunas Drive #300, San Gabriel
No phone available

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Photo by CLowe

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