Chowhound Find: Toloache’s Miso-Glazed Cod

Since Nobu Matsuhisa made it famous stateside, black cod with miso has turned up on Japanese menus all over. On Mexican menus, not so much. Chef Julian Medina of Toloache, a local favorite for dressed-up Mexican, seems bent on changing that. His fall menu includes bacalao trufado: miso-and-tequila-glazed black cod with hon-shimeji mushrooms, corn, and chipotle–black truffle butter. It's "simply divine," UES Mayor reports on Chowhound. "I been to this place before but never enjoyed the food as much as I do now!"

Toloache 82 [Upper East Side]
166 E. 82nd Street (between Lexington and Third avenues), Manhattan

Toloache 50 [Theater District]
251 W. 50th Street (near Eighth Avenue), Manhattan

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Photo by Toloache / Facebook

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