A lot of us reach for a fork to blend cracked eggs before scrambling, but beating with a whisk is the secret for extra-fluffy results, according to talk on Chowhound.

A recent convert to the whisk, fldhkybnva found that the air introduced by mixing till frothy yielded lighter eggs. It even works for scrambled whites, says Emme, who adds a pinch of cream of tartar for “major volume and fluffiness.” Berheenia says tossing in a few ice chips also makes eggs fluffier. Sherri prefers to whisk in a tablespoon of heavy cream, which makes for “bliss on a plate.”

And as an alternative to the skillet, mscoffee1 loves the results she gets using Bay Area chef Daniel Patterson‘s hybrid method for poached scrambled eggs.

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Photo by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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