If it’s true that turkey is less popular than chicken, it might be because turkey is harder to get right—that was the consensus recently on Chowhound. “I think any idiot with a little direction can cook an edible chicken,” Will Owen says, but turkeys are tricky. Chicken, especially the dark meat, is moister than turkey, T Long says. And since turkeys are much bigger than chickens, they spend a lot more time in the oven.

To make things easier, bagelman01 recommends cooking a turkey in pieces, as long as you’re not counting on a holiday showpiece. Delucacheesemonger likes to make braised turkey thighs rather than a whole roasted bird. If you do plan on serving a whole turkey, Full tummy recommends brining it first—either that, or get out the deep-fryer.

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Photo of CHOW’s Smoked Turkey by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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