On Chowhound, Miss Priss confessed what she loves about the pressure cooker: Since using one requires virtually zero planning, it gives her the instant gratification that slow cookers lack. Vegetables and meats can be browned in the same pan they cook in, easing cleanup. And you can cook dried pasta with its sauce, no waiting for water to boil (learn how to keep it al dente here). The Veggie Queen uses her pressure cooker for dried beans—she calls it a “slow cooker on steroids.”

The only downside is that pressure-cooked foods can taste a bit flat, MikeB3542 says. “The extra time in a slow cooker … gives flavors time to develop and come together.” Also, compared to pressure cookers, a slow cooker is low-drama: You just load it up, set the temperature, and walk away. But maybe a little drama in the kitchen can be a good thing?

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