When you work in an office, it’s easy to get into a lunch rut. LA Chowhound young_chower recently ventured outside the usual lunch-spot rotation and found a diamond in the rough, a place almost nobody’s talked about: Lance’s Filipino Cuisine in Hawthorne.

It’s miles from LA’s historic Filipinotown district, but this hole in the wall offers plenty of traditional dishes. The hot-food bar has well-known stuff like adobo, pancit, and barbecued chicken skewers, as well as meatier dishes with liver and pig’s heart. Fried-to-order lumpia (spring rolls) are a must. If you’re in a hurry, call in your order.

For just $5.50, you get two entrées heaped on top of a generous portion of fried rice or pancit. The staff is pleasant, making Lance’s a “very solid option” for Filipino.

Lance’s Filipino Cuisine [South LA]
12807 Crenshaw Boulevard, Hawthorne

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Photo of Lance’s hot bar by young_chower

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