A CSA can be a great deal for people who are pro-local business, pro-sustainable farming, and pro-yummy. It’s short for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s kind of like having season tickets to a farm–you buy your subscription, and every week the farm drops off a box of fresh goodies for you to enjoy. For a single person, a couple, or a small household, however, that can be a lot of food. How about a CSA that will give you a box of sunshine every two weeks?

Capay Organic will do it, says Pei, who raves about their produce, the carrots in particular. Full Belly Farms is another option.

Eatwell Farms offers lots of flexibility, says China–you can even pause your subscription if you’re out of town. And hounds like the convenient pick-up locations available for Two Small Farms. joe can bike notes that Two Small Farms is an alter ego of Mariquita Farm, which supplies many restaurants.

Capay Organic [Yolo County]
23804 State Highway 16, Capay

Full Belly [Yolo County]
Road 43, Guinda

Eatwell Farm [Yolo County]
2657 Portage Bay East #3, Davis

Two Small Farms [Santa Cruz Couny]

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