Filipinos have a wicked sense of humor. Take street-food vendors in Manila, who have their own wise-ass language for grilled chicken parts. According to Filipino food writer Marvin Gapultos (author of The Adobo Road Cookbook, due out next May), heads are called helmets, intestines are IUDs (because, what, they’re thin as wires?), and congealed chicken or pork blood is betamax—food blogger Jun Belen says it’s because the congealed bricks resemble mini videocassette boxes. Chicken feet? They’re called adidas, after—naturally—footwear.

To make adidas, you boil your feet, then marinate with soy, calamansi juice, garlic, and other flavorings, grill, and serve with atchara (pickled green papaya). The ones pictured here are from San Francisco food truck Hapa SF. Chef and owner William Pilz was giving them away free Thursday in downtown SF, for a promotion sponsored by Dos Equis. Pilz says he’s tried selling his version of adidas (they’re salty, chewy, and delicious), but even eaters as adventurous as San Franciscans won’t line up for chicken feet. That includes ones named for the maker of D Rose 3’s.

Photo by Chris Rochelle /

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