Lai Hong Lounge in San Francisco

Pass through the iconic dragon gates of San Francisco’s Chinatown and you’re likely to find a mixed bag of cuisine: plenty of grease-bomb tourist traps and, occasionally, a gem. A recent discussion on Chowhound may have uncovered the latter. Lai Hong Lounge just might be where it’s at, according to epic LA Chowhound Chandavkl, whose daughter checked it out. Her greatest hits were sticky rice lotus leaf, rice noodle rolls with XO sauce, and various dumplings with delicate wrappers.

Chowhound Ruth Lafler notes that Lai Hong is a branch of Hong Kong Lounge on Geary Boulevard, which some consider to have the best dim sum within SF city limits.

Lai Hong Lounge [Chinatown]
1416 Powell Street, San Francisco

Hong Kong Lounge [Outer Richmond]
5322 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

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Header image courtesy of Lai Hong Lounge.

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