The contrast between crisp surface and creamy interior makes baked macaroni and cheese irresistible, but béchamel-based recipes can end up dry. In a recent discussion, Chowhounds talked about ways to guarantee creamy results with mac ‘n’ cheese, like skipping oven browning and instead broiling just long enough to turn the top golden. It’s also important not to have too much pasta for the amount of sauce, Chowhound rasputina notes.

Several hounds swear by this Martha Stewart recipe. It’s “perfect and creamy every time,” jeanmarieok says. This CHOW video demonstrates the supercreamy version (pictured) at Homeroom in Oakland, California, a whole restaurant devoted to mac ‘n’ cheese.

Then there’s this penne with cream and five cheeses, a nontraditional alternative to the béchamel recipe. It’s “the creamiest baked pasta you will ever eat,” escondido123 says.

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