There’s a new hot dog place in East L.A., and it’s got good stuff, says nrique. Dogs are juicy, with a nice snap, and chili is meaty and gooey, hot enough to melt the shredded cheddar on top of it. You can get it on a French-style roll or a regular bun, but be warned that the chili is a bit too much for the bun to handle.

The dogs are the same kind used these days at Tommy’s and the Stand, and are also sold at Trader Joe’s–made by Papa Cantella’s in Vernon. It’s not really clear whether they’ve got natural casing as PC’s website claims…monku looked really hard and couldn’t see any hint of casing at all. Still, there was definitely snap.

Prices are high for that neighborhood, with a plain dog at $3.30 and a chili cheese dog for $3.60. A combo of chili cheese dog, fries, and a 16-oz refillable soda is $5.50.

There is tough parking due to road work. Try the strip mall at Arizona and 3rd.

Between the Bun [East LA-ish]
4701 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles

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