Bon Vivant Market & Café joined the burgeoning Atwater Village food scene a few months ago, and according to a recent Chowhound discussion, the shop’s big servings of French-inspired food are very good.

LA hound jdwdeville recommends the sizable oysters, coated with Parmesan cheese and butter and infused with just the right amount of grill flavor. The burger is also a good choice; it comes topped with an over-easy duck egg, Manchego cheese, and a slice of ham. It was large enough to require a fork and knife, jdwdeville reports, and so filling that the accompanying fries went nearly untouched.

Though a few hounds agree that the restaurant has some design flaws, the consistently good food makes cls, for instance, willing to return. You can pretty much choose your own experience: sip a glass of wine and sample an assortment of cheeses at the bar, order a croissant and a coffee to-go at the pastry counter, or have a sit-down meal at one of a handful of café tables. This setup strikes jdwdeville as “very European,” in a good way.

Bon Vivant Market & Café [Atwater Village]
3155 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Photo from Bon Vivant Market & Café / Facebook

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