Early fall brings an abundance of bell peppers and chiles. As the warm growing season ends, some cooks like to freeze peppers to use for the cold months, a topic that came up in a recent discussion on Chowhound. Although they won’t be crisp when thawed, frozen peppers are good for soups and stews. Here are two ways to freeze them properly:

• Clean and chop bell peppers, then spread the pieces in a single layer on baking sheets. Freeze before transferring them to zipper bags for storage. This allows them to freeze quickly, which results in better texture when thawed, travelerjjm says. It also keeps the pieces from freezing together, making it easy to remove only what you need for a recipe.

• Small fresh chiles like jalapeños and serranos can be popped into freezer bags whole. They’ll thaw quickly under hot running water, Gio says, though lcool finds them easier to slice when only partially thawed.

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Photo of chopped bell peppers from Shutterstock

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