Some potato chips you can get everywhere, but the chips made with attention and care tend to be only locally or regionally available. frenetica fondly remembers Brannigan’s Roast Beef & Mustard chips and Walker’s Lamb & Mint “Posh Chips” from her time in the UK–but they’re sadly unavailable in the states. Maybe some of these chowhound-recommended chips are available where you are:

Zapp’s Cajun Crawtaters
Grandma Shearer’s Kettle-Cooked Chips
Humpty Dumpty Barbecue
Miss Vickie’s Lime & Black Pepper
Jays Kettle Cooked
Tim’s Original and Wasabi Chips
Blair’s Death Rain Chips (in flavors such as Cracked Crab)
Downey’s Chips
Grandma Utz’s (handcooked in lard)
Made Rite Potato Chips
“Kitch’n Cook’d” Maui Potato Chips

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