Are you a fan of bone marrow? Chowhounds recently discussed their experiences encountering the rich, fatty delicacy commonly scooped out and spread on toast. It’s great topped with onion marmalade, says lynnlato, who describes it as rich, buttery, and creamy. Marrow has a soft, fatty texture, without being chewy the way fat on a steak can be, staughton says. And lcool says marrow is unctuous without being greasy. Most important, it’s got over-the-top umami.

The bones are seasoned and roasted on their own to cook the marrow within, but bagelman01 loves marrow from bones that have cooked inside a hunk of meat. There’s a special flavor that comes from the surrounding juices, or simmering in a rich soup, bagelman01 says. And trvlcrzy boils 4-inch-long bones in soup, then taps them so the marrow slips out.

Marrow is common in Indian-Pakistani Muslim cooking, luckyfatima says. “Part of the fun of bone-in goat and beef curries is sucking the unctuous marrow out of the bones once you have eaten the meat off of them,” she says. Curry dishes like nalli nihari are based on marrow, which is delectable scooped up with naan. Call it South Asia’s answer to marrow on toast.

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Photo by Flickr member kthread under Creative Commons

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