Hole in the Wall’s Chicken Burger Rocks

Los Angeles is home to many popular burger shacks, but in a recent discussion, LA hounds called West Hollywood’s Hole in the Wall Burger Joint particularly awesome. This casual, build-your-own burger spot offers grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef, but it's the spicy ground chicken burger that running pig praised in particular for being “flavorful and juicy” (get it on a pretzel bun with sautéed onions). It's plenty of burger for $8.95, and goes well with an order of house-cut sweet potato or regular fries.

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint [West Hollywood]
7998 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint [Westside - Inland]
11058 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Discussion: Shout out for Hole-in-the-Wall Burger Joint (WeHo)

Photo from Hole in the Wall Burger Joint / Facebook

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