It’s common for popular Los Angeles food trucks to go on to open brick-and-mortar locations under the same name. Take the Slicetruck: According to recent talk on Chowhound, Slicetruck Pizzeria, the truck’s restaurant spin-off on Sawtelle Boulevard, has become an essential stop for local pizza-lovers.

What makes the pizza here so great? Big-time fan flowergirl calls the dough “perfect, the back very crisp and the sauce and cheese oozing with deliciousness.”

Lovers of heat swear by the chunky, hot garlic pizza with chile flakes. And while there are so few tables here you might be tempted to get your food to go, be sure to wait and dine in, so you can experience a pizza fresh out of the oven.

Slicetruck Pizzeria [Westside – Inland]
2012 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

Discussion: Fantastic Pizza in West LA

Photo from Slicetruck Pizzeria

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