Ah, the calzone, a giant pizza pocket with a tender crust and maxed-out fillings: meats, vegetables, and pools of cheese. A recent discussion identified Bay Area Chowhounds’ top three local favorites:

Tommaso’s calzone is awesome—and huge, according to lrealml, who says two people can get a couple of meals from one $27 calzone.

• Chowhound vulber likes the huge, tasty calzones at Gypsy’s Trattoria in Berkeley.

• And if you’d like to pair that calzone with chopped salad and a cocktail, foodeye suggests Marzano in Oakland, where the calzones bake in the wood-fired oven.

Tommaso’s [North Beach]
1042 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana [East Bay]
2519 Durant Avenue, Berkeley

Marzano [East Bay]
4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland

Discuss: Best calzones in the SF Bay Area?

Photo from Marzano / Facebook

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