Shawarma shops can be a disappointing mix of cheap meats, canned ingredients, and wilted produce. But not at Albayk, a Middle Eastern place just south of San Francisco, in San Mateo. Recent talk on Chowhound praised the real shawarma (“not that gray industrial meat putty,” pilinut says) made of lamb and beef layered on a rotisserie and served on a mound of rice pilaf.

RWCFoodie likes how the restaurant takes advantage of its space, a former Quiznos sub shop. According to RWCFoodie, the owner plans to retrofit the pizza oven to bake pita bread in-house.

Albayk [Peninsula]
670 E. Third Avenue, San Mateo

Discuss: Albayk San Mateo – for all your shawarma, falafel, hummus, babaganoush and kibbeh needs!

Photo from Albayk / Facebook

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