What’s the best bread knife on the market? On Chowhound, tim irvine described switching from an 8-inch straight-blade Henckels to a curved, 10-inch Dexter-Russell. The curve allows for knuckle clearance when slicing parallel to the board, and the extra 2 inches of blade length mean fewer slicing strokes. But the real difference is the blade. “I am talking the difference between an old pitted Ecko that has never seen a sharpener and my carbon knives right after they’ve been sharpened so you could shave with them,” tim irvine says. The white polypropylene handle might look cheesy, Chemicalkinetics adds, but it grips well, reducing the risk of accidents.

Chowhound al b. darned has a 9-inch Dexter-Russell bread knife (straight-bladed, with an offset grip for knuckle clearance) that cost $13.75. “As good as any bread knife I’ve ever used, and a lot better than some costing lots more,” al b. darned says.

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Photo from Dexter-Russell

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