Its roots are French, but flan is a popular dessert in Latin American cuisine, with many versions across Los Angeles. It typically contains eggs, sweetened milk, and vanilla, with a layer of caramel that sometimes has a slightly crunchy texture. A recent discussion on Chowhound offered opinions about where to find the best flan in LA.

Many hounds think the flan at Sazon Latin Fusion is bound to win over skeptics. Dommy describes it as firm, and dense enough to cut like cake. Feed_me calls it “refined.”

Meanwhile, Servorg likes the version at Tacomiendo, both the West LA and Culver City locations. Another favorite is Taqueria Los Anaya‘s. Feed_me says a slice of of flan here is not only affordable, but very tasty.

Sazon Latin Fusion [Westside – Inland]
12406 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Tacomiendo [Westside – Inland]
11462 Gateway Boulevard, Los Angeles

Tacomiendo [Westside – Inland]
4502 Inglewood Boulevard, Culver City

Taqueria Los Anaya [South LA]
4651 W. Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Photo of flan from Sazon Latin Fusion

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