For most of us, the East Bay’s agricultural heartland in and around Brentwood means one thing: corn. But when you pay a visit to an iconic farm like Frog Hollow, or spend a morning harvesting cherries during the u-pick season, where should you grab lunch? According to recent talk on Chowhound, the key word here is value. As for the grub itself, hound Melanie Wong recommends the credible larb and perfect mango with sticky rice at Thai Bistro in nearby Antioch.

IPAforBreakfast likes both Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant and Brentwood Café, which serves huge portions of local produce, like the asparagus IPAforBreakfast says tasted as if it had just been harvested. The Big Kahuna Sandwich Shop‘s enormous sandwiches get a nod from shanghaikid, while lexdevil likes the nam kao tod at Lone Tree Thai.

Thai Bistro [East Bay]
5019 Lone Tree Way, Antioch

Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant [East Bay]
8335 Brentwood Boulevard, Suite B, Brentwood

Brentwood Café [East Bay]
8500 Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood

The Big Kahuna Sandwich Shop [East Bay]
5601 Lone Tree Way, Suite 145, Brentwood

Lone Tree Thai Cuisine [East Bay]
5401 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood

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Photo of tortilla soup from Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant

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