Indulgent, shareable dishes can prepare you for the day drinking to come — whether you’re planning your tailgating menu for an early game or want to get your grub on for the Super Bowl right after your morning buzzer kicks off the day. Diehard sports fans arriving onsite at sunrise or at your home before noon need a great breakfast, too. We selected these recipes with convenience in mind: They’re grill-able, portable, or make-ahead. So this food will be win no matter how your team plays.

1. Breakfast Corn Dogs

The Super Bowl is a carnival already, so eat like it with these breakfast-ized corn dogs that are inspired by that crazy McGriddle at McDonald’s. You’ll want to make these ahead of time and stick them in the freezer, so that on game day, all you have to do is re-heat them in the oven. So this is more of an at-home game-day recipe. Get our Breakfast Corn Dogs recipe.

2. Campfire Breakfast Toad in the Hole

Here’s a great make-ahead tailgating idea that’s basically a bunch of link sausages cooked inside a skillet pancake. Make the batter ahead of time and bring it with you in a cooler. Get our Campfire Breakfast Toad in the Hole recipe.

3. Sour Cream Banana Bread

Doesn’t everybody love banana bread? And it’s so easy. Make this the day before the game and whip it out for your cheering crowd. With the addition of sour cream, you get a tangy, sweet taste plus a moist crumb. Get our Sour Cream Banana Bread recipe.

4. Easy Prosciutto and Cheddar Biscuits

Make the biscuits ahead of time and the rest on a skillet on top of your portable grill if you’re tailgating. If you’re at home the morning of the Super Bowl, this recipe is even easier. You can use deli ham if you don’t find prosciutto. Get our Easy Prosciutto and Cheddar Biscuits recipe.

5. Breakfast Sausage and Sweet Potato Muffins

These are compact all-in-one muffins, with your eggs, oats, (sweet) potatoes, sausage, and cheese wrapped into one convenient hand-held size. You and your friends can eat these while watching the pre-game, no problem. Get our Breakfast Sausage and Sweet Potato Muffins recipe.

6. Breakfast Queso Fundido

It’s like breakfast nacho dip with a bit of scrambled egg and sautéed chorizo, a fresh Mexican pork sausage that can be mild or hot and needs to be cooked before eating. You can serve four to six tailgaters with this communal Mexican-inspired morning dip. Get our Breakfast Queso Fundido recipe.

7. Potato and Bacon Breakfast Casserole

Your dish doesn’t have to have eggs to be a great breakfast. Case in point: a casserole built upon Yukon Gold potatoes, mountains of Gouda cheese, red bell peppers, and scallions. Get our Potato and Bacon Breakfast Casserole recipe.

8. Apple and Cheddar Breakfast-Sausage Burger

Now this is some crave-able handheld food. Glaze sausage patties and tart Granny Smith apple slices with some maple syrup before adding oozy cheddar on English muffins for a breakfast sandwich unlike any other. Get our Apple and Cheddar Breakfast-Sausage Burger recipe.

9. Boozy Biscotti Iced Coffee

Plan ahead for this morning pick-me-up because the coffee needs to steep for at least 12 hours. But then the festive mood is on before noon. It’s not just any ol’ liquored-up coffee. It’s got amaretto and Pernod in it. Plus, it’s easier for tailgates because it doesn’t need to stay warm. Get our Boozy Biscotti Iced Coffee recipe.

If you want some tailgating lunch ideas, you can try a few of our almost two dozen suggestions: Tailgating Sandwich, Sausage, and Burger Recipes.

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— Photos 1-3 and 6-9 by Chris Rochelle/Chowhound; 4-5 by Eggland’s Best/Chowhound

— Amy Sowder, Amy Wisniewski, Christine Gallary, and Lisa Laver contributed to this article.

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