LA’s Colori Kitchen is a longtime favorite on Chowhound for traditional Italian. And while pretty much everybody mentions the kitchen’s skill with tiramisu, a recent Chowhound discussion pointed out that there’s plenty more going on here than just dessert.

Standout dishes include tagliatelle alla Bolognese and beef carpaccio. The latter isn’t particularly unusual, ns1 says, just delicious. One hound, yogachik, loves Colori’s arrabbiata, chicken Dijon, and meatballs. Others like the gnocchi, cioppino, and specials.

Surprisingly, J.L. doesn’t think the tiramisu is the restaurant’s best dessert. That honor goes to the ricotta cheesecake.

Colori Kitchen [Downtown]
429 W. Eighth Street, Los Angeles

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Photo by Flickr member ricardodiaz11 under Creative Commons

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