Dave & Romero’s Texas Best BBQ opened a few months ago, and since then, reports on Chowhound have generally rated the barbecue pretty high. But a recent discussion revealed Dave & Romero’s real specialty: barbecued chicken. The skin is nice and crisp, while the meat is “juicy as all hell,” cdub reports. “I love a good bbq chicken and this was one of the best that I’ve had in a while. Caught me by surprise since I wasn’t looking for something that good.” After the chicken, cdub says, the tri-tip really shines. Hypnotic23 thinks all the barbecue—including baby back ribs—is good.

Dave & Romero’s is an outdoor stand. It sets up from 3 to 8 p.m. daily in the parking lot of a small grocery store at the corner of Moorpark and Coldwater. It’s all to-go; if you want to eat your barbecue there, you’re eating off your car hood. The guys who run the stand are super friendly, cdub notes. They’ll give you samples of everything before you buy.

Dave & Romero’s Texas Best BBQ in the parking lot of M&M Market [San Fernando Valley – East]
12903 Moorpark Street, Studio City
No phone available

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Photo by Hypnotic23

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