Fernando and Isaura have been behind some of the best al pastor WildSwede has ever had. The couple used to run a taqueria in the back of a neighborhood market in Pasadena, which disappeared three years ago. Since then, they’ve run a taco catering business called Exquicitos Tacos. But according to a recent discussion on Chowhound, for the last three months Fernando and Isaura have operated a new place called Taco Riendo.

An al pastor burrito is “damn good – whole, tender beans, rice, onions and cilantro and delicious, juicy, wonderfully charred and flavorful meat,” WildSwede says. “With the nicely-spiced and flavorful salsa, it was a meal that I enjoyed immensely and was just as delicious as I remember it being.” Full of meat and hominy, the pozole is very good, too.

The space is nothing fancy, just a few tables and chairs. Taco Riendo seems to have mostly to-go business during the day, but at around 6 p.m., a flat-top griddle appears up front and things get pretty busy.

Taco Riendo 
[Highland Park]
5528 York Boulevard, Los Angeles
626-278-6327 (owner Fernando’s personal cell phone, available to place to-go orders)

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Photo by Flickr member goodiesfirst under Creative Commons

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