The end of summer brings a glut of of cherry tomatoes; a recent Chowhound discussion offered ideas about what to do with them all. KarenDW oven-dries them for “a great low-fat crunchy snack.” She halves the tomatoes, puts them on a baking sheet, and sets the pan on a rack in an oven set to 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 to 12 hours. KarenDW stores the dried tomatoes in jars or in zipper bags in the freezer.

Other hounds turn cherry tomatoes into hearty dishes. This Italian sausage and white bean dish, which uses two pounds of cherry tomatoes, is “much more than the sum of its parts,” soccermom13 says. Miri1 makes a tomato crisp by topping the cherry tomatoes with a combination of panko, minced garlic and parsley, and olive oil, then baking until the tomatoes are soft and the topping is golden.

Cherry tomatoes are also great in an uncooked pasta sauce: mamachef‘s approach is to chill the sauce mixture (halved cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil, salt, and pepper), then toss it with hot angel hair pasta. The contrast between hot pasta and cold sauce “is what makes this dish,” mamachef says. CHOW’s version (pictured) includes goat cheese and fresh oregano.

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