Chowhounds recently shared their favorite ways of preparing baby bok choy:

• Stir-frying: SteveRB cooks baby bok choy in a wok in a bit of oil, then adds a little water, oyster sauce, and white pepper.

• Steaming: Dirtywextraolives sears halved baby bok choy, cut-side down, in an oiled pan, then covers the pan to steam.

• Blanching: RealMenJulienne blanches halved baby bok choy very briefly in boiling salted water. He sautés smashed garlic cloves in oil until golden brown, adds the drained bok choy, and drizzles with oyster sauce.

• Braising: Yongeman sautés ginger and garlic, adds halved baby bok choy and chicken stock, and braises for 5 to 10 minutes, adding a bit of hoisin sauce at the end.

• Grilling: nikkihwood brushes baby bok choy with oil and grills for a few minutes per side, then drizzles with soy sauce.

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Photo by Flickr member dumbonyc under Creative Commons

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