How do you get a crisp pie crust in a Pyrex pan? In a recent Chowhound discussion, Chemicalkinetics described one strategy: setting the dish directly on the oven rack, with no baking sheet underneath it. For an even crisper crust, increase the temperature and decrease the baking time, Chemicalkinetics says. (When you increase the temperature, wrap the rim crust in thin strips of foil to keep it from getting too dark, pdxgastro says.) That brought agreement from sunshine842: Pyrex directly on the rack, unless the filling is likely to bubble over. “I’ve yet to find anything that makes better pie crusts—and it’s nice that you can just look to see if it’s done or not,” sunshine842 says.

Meanwhile, sueatmo has had a Pyrex pan shatter in the oven, and doesn’t think they’re worth the risk. But greygarious thinks the way to deal with the rare risk of shattering (plus the bubbling-over problem) is to bake pies on a preheated, parchment-lined baking sheet. If your bottom crust isn’t getting crisp, simply move the baking rack lower, where oven temps tend to be hotter, greygarious says.

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