Some Chowhounds fondly remember the glory of the gooey, hot airline omelet, served steaming in a little plastic omelet dish with single-serving packets of salt, pepper, and Neufchatel cheese. And some Chowhounds don’t remember it that fondly. Still other hounds want to know: who has the best (coach class) airline food of all?

Japan Air Lines gets high marks all around, especially for offering cold soba with whatever entree they’re serving. Korean Air Lines serves bibimbap which Das Ubergeek likes as much as the stuff he’s had on the ground in San Francisco and Los Angeles. El Al Airlines out of Israel serves amazing food, says thunderbug84, including warm pita and hummus as soon as you sit down. El Al’s food is never as good during and right after the Sabbath, though, says rbc. Copa Airlines, with flights to Central America, serves good food, as does TAM Airlines to South America.

As for domestic flights, Chowhounds like the hot food from Alaska Airlines. If they have to eat airline food, that is. “Bring your own,” says Scrapironchef.

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