For fans, it’s a bummer: Canteen is no longer serving brunch. A Chowhound recently put it up for discussion: Where can you find a great brunch, now that Canteen’s beloved chupacabra egg dish has vanished?

Plow is a worthy replacement for chez cherie, who likes the Dungeness crab omelet (pictured) and the view onto the open kitchen line.

Bistro Central Parc is the default for Cynsa, who likes the frisée au lardons, eggs Benedict, and salmon Benedict at the NOPA restaurant.

• Sticking close to the city’s central shopping and tourist area, saffree recommends Colibrí, an upscale Mexican restaurant with homemade tortillas, great mole, and excellent tortilla soup.

Plow [Potrero Hill]
1299 18th Street, San Francisco

Bistro Central Parc [NOPA]
560 Central Avenue, San Francisco

Colibrí [Union Square]
438 Geary Street, San Francisco

Discuss: Breakfasts now that Canteen is no longer offering any.

Photo of omelet by chez cherie

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