Zushi Puzzle is a Marina stalwart with a perpetual line of admirers for Chef Roger, the sushi bar’s guiding hand. On Chowhound recently, osho described revisiting his old haunt and came away with praise for Roger-san’s continuing mastery of seafood arts.

If you sit at the sushi bar, the chef’s first question might be if there’s anything you don’t eat. (For osho, that’s octopus.) The parade of dishes that followed for osho included exceptional uni from Mendocino (“ocean on your breath and palate,” osho says), four types of tuna, Japanese sardines, melt-in-the-mouth Copper River salmon, live mirugai (geoduck), and a “spoonful of heaven” in the form of salmon roe.

Add Echigo stout, Japanese- and Canadian-bottled Asahi, and sake, and it was a memorable night.

Zushi Puzzle [Marina]
1910 Lombard Street, San Francisco

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Photo of Zushi Puzzle sushi by Flickr member rick under Creative Commons

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