Pickings are slim for late-night Asian dining in the Castro. But on Chowhound, hyperbowler recently described stepping into brand-new Shanghai, which offers a snacks version of its menu after 10 p.m.

The menu includes a few dishes from the restaurant’s namesake city: lion’s head meatballs, stir-fried rice cakes, sweet-and-sour spareribs, and red-braised pork. A peckish hyperbowler tried the xiao long bao, which were $8 for six and arrived in a wooden steam basket lined with cabbage leaves. The soup dumplings earned flavor points for the chicken broth and meat filling, but they had a gluey interior. On the positive side, the texture kept the filling from slipping out of its dumpling wrapper. But who wants a gluey dumpling?

Shanghai [Castro]
2029 Market Street, San Francisco

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