In a recent discussion, Chowhounds who love chicken livers agreed: A quickly sautéed liver makes a rich snack or a tasty addition to a meal. Fans include linguafood, who lightly dredges livers with seasoned flour before sautéing in butter over medium-high heat. Just before they’re done, some balsamic vinegar or wine goes into the pan, to be quickly reduced. Meanwhile, greygarious likes to add the classic accompaniments of bacon and onions. She fries bacon and removes it from the pan, then sautés onions in the rendered fat before adding the livers, finishing with a bit of soy sauce and adding back the cooked bacon.

Some hounds like to finish the dish with various aromatics and a splash of something acidic. Shallots, capers, and sherry vinegar dress these chicken livers on toast, while this recipe with garlic and lemon juice is “VERY good and so simple,” tiffeecanoe says.

Discuss: simple chicken livers recipe (not pate) – pan frying

Photo of chicken livers from Shutterstock

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