A recent discussion revealed Chowhounds are quick to recommend Café Polonia in Andrew Square for hearty Polish dishes. The potato pancakes in particular are delicious—gourmaniac says they are perfectly crispy and puffy.

After a meal at Polonia, Pegmeister likes to cross the street to shop at Baltic European Deli—it’s owned by the same people as Café Polonia, and has a great supply of Eastern European groceries. Pegmeister recently picked up some homemade pierogi, fresh kielbasa, apple coffee cake, and hard-to-find apricot wine. And gimlis1mum thinks the selection of marzipan is great, too.

While less frequently discussed on Chowhound, Café Polonia has a second branch in Salem, though the trip to South Boston might be a better choice, since it allows for the Polonia-Baltic one-two punch.

Café Polonia [South Boston]
611 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

Café Polonia [North Shore]
118 Washington Street, Salem

Baltic European Deli [South Boston]
632 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

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Café Polonia and Baltic deli
Great marzipan?

Photo of Café Polonia potato pancakes from Café Polonia / Facebook

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