Don’t let the name fool you: A visit to Yely’s Coffee Shop is all about the rotisserie chicken, not the coffee. Reviving an 11-year-old Chowhound discussion about this Jackson Square takeout restaurant, Nab provides the following dramatic re-enactment:

The bird is well-seasoned down to the bone. The skin retains some elements of crisp but that’s besides the point, for lurking beneath is subcutaneous schmaltz of an almost sickening proportion. I tear into the bird cackling maniacally and in 10 seconds “just one bite” has caused an entire leg to vaporize. It’s schmaltz of nuclear proportions at points almost too challenging to even get down my gullet. Over-the-top rich, delicious in the moment, but seconds later my hands are glistening white in the schmaltzy murder scene aftermath and the ultimate remorse of having committed an unspeakable crime.

If that vivid scene doesn’t motivate you to visit, Nab says that the carne guisada (stewed beef) is great, too.

Yely’s Coffee Shop [Jamaica Plain]
284 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain

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Photo of Yely’s rotisserie chicken by Nab

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