One of the gentler, homier comforts of the Korean kitchen is kalguksu, a relatively plain chicken soup that also manages to be hearty, according to mikeinla10 in a recent Chowhound discussion. The broth is usually cloudy, from a bit of egg, and there’s a bit of vegetable too, but mostly it’s about al dente homemade noodles. They’re “just really freakin’ bomb,” mikeinla10 says. “In my view, this soup is up there with a good Jewish Matzo Ball, a Greek Lemon Chicken Soup, a Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup, etc.”

In LA, mikeinla10’s favorite version is at Miari Noodle House. The soup has excellent flavor, but since it also contains some kimchi, it’s a bit spicy. Another hound, baloney, thinks the kalguksu at Ma Dang Gook Soo is the best in Koreatown. “I’m certainly biased, I’ve been going there since I was a kid but it’s pretty damn great every single time,” baloney says.

Miari Noodle House [Koreatown]
3224 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 102, Los Angeles

Ma Dang Gook Soo [Koreatown]
869 S. Western Avenue, Suite 1, Los Angeles

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Miari Noodle House photo by Flickr member KayOne73 under Creative Commons

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