True al pastor should be cut right off a rotisserie spit, according to Los Angeles Chowhounds in a recent discussion. “If it didn’t come off a spit into a tortilla into your mouth then something is terribly wrong,” ns1 says. But too often you find lazy al pastor, that reddish spiced stuff that’s prepared on a griddle.

Ciao Bob recently spotted an elaborate taco table and truck—complete with a real al pastor spit—at a car wash in Hollywood. It’s “really, really great,” Ciao Bob says. The al pastor is carved right off the trompo, and then, with a little flourish, the taco man carves off a bit of pineapple from the top of the spit and tosses it from the knife into the taco. The birria and cabeza are also first-rate. Look for the tacos after 6:30 p.m.

Al pastor taco stand at 100% Hand Car Wash [Hollywood]
5080 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
No phone available

Discuss: Al Pastor Spit Spotted – Melrose and Manhattan Place

Photo by Flickr member william.neuheisel under Creative Commons

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