Anyone who’s seen an overstuffed falafel pita disintegrate in her hands will appreciate the delicious and well-built falafel wrap at Darna in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Inside is a smartly conceived combo of moist falafel, roasted red pepper, portobello mushroom, and onion, but twan55 is nearly as impressed by its structural integrity: This is “an eminently enjoyable sandwich that doesn’t fall apart when you try and eat it.”

A recent Chowhound post on this year-old Middle Eastern café also recommends deftly spiced chicken over rice and knockout baklava—flaky yet chewy, with just enough honey—from Brooklyn’s Damascus Bakeries. Beyond what’s on the plate, fans love the welcoming vibe at Darna (which means “our home” in Arabic). “This place is adorable,” twan55 says. “Good food, and a good vibe.”

Darna Falafel [Carroll Gardens]
200 Court Street (between Warren and Wyckoff streets), Brooklyn

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Photo by Darna Falafel

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