Momofuku Ko turned four this year, and a recent Chowhound thread suggests it hasn’t lost a step. Sharing a summer snapshot from David Chang’s high-end tasting bar, ellenost describes an exquisite 10-course dinner of winning new dishes and tweaked old favorites. Even a regular like ellenost, who’s thoroughly familiar with house specialties like the shaved frozen foie gras with lychee, Riesling gelée, and pine nut brittle, found plenty of surprises.

The signature smoked egg with hackleback caviar, onion soubise, and fingerling potato chips (pictured) came this time with a potato muffin. “Brilliant dish made even better!” ellenost says. Another Ko standard, deep-fried short rib, was upgraded with new accompaniments of peaches and onion. And fried sweetbreads with walnut agnolotti, lobster mushroom, pickled cherries, and basil won over even non–sweetbread lover ellenost. “Creative and delicious—always a winning combination,” she says. “After four years, Ko is still at the top of its game!”

Momofuku Ko [East Village]
163 First Avenue (at E. 10th Street), Manhattan

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Photo from Gabriele Stabile / Momofuku Ko / Facebook

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