Maison Kayser brings something new and needed to the Upper East Side: French-style breads made with Old World technique. In a recent Chowhound discussion, Ricky says this three-week-old outpost of a French chain turns out one of New York’s best baguettes. City Kid, who’s a fan of Kayser’s Paris shops, reports that the semolina-walnut and turmeric-hazelnut-walnut breads are also on target.

Sweets get mixed marks so far. Hounds love the white chocolate brioche and coffee and apricot-pistachio tarts, but the fondant chocolate and chocolate pound cake have been disappointing. Coffee and savory bites, including a great roast beef tartine, sound promising.

Founder Eric Kayser appears to have struck gold: His first U.S. location is already packed, and he’s preparing to open two more in Manhattan. Meanwhile, this uptown block is poised to become a hub of French baking. Right across the street from Maison Kayser, at 1295 Third Avenue, Chowhound favorite François Payard is getting ready to open a patisserie and café. Its arrival, expected in fall, will mark Payard’s return to the neighborhood where he made his name.

Maison Kayser [Upper East Side]
1294 Third Avenue (between E. 74th and 75th streets), Manhattan

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Photo by Maison Kayser / Facebook

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