Is New England the heart of American pupu platter culture? The classic American-Chinese appetizer plate holds an assortment of grilled meats and fried appetizers, often placed around a Sterno flame. It shows up a lot around Boston, and while the pupu platter is far from authentic Chinese, there are some tasty ones out there, according to a recent Chowhound discussion.

Gabatta thinks Golden Temple in Brookline makes a great version, and KevinJF agrees, calling it “tops for Americanized Chinese food.” But Golden Temple’s pupu platter leaves CookieLee cold, since it shows up on a tray, without the flames. “What’s the fun in that?”

Opinions are also mixed on Kowloon in Saugus. The pupu platter there is one of the worst around, chuck s says, though Boston_Otter thinks the platter’s wings are amazing.

Other pupu favorites include Chung King Rick’s in Billerica, Mandarin in Reading, and Billy Tse Restaurant, with locations in Boston and Revere.

Golden Temple [Brookline]
1651 Beacon Street, Brookline

Kowloon [North Shore]
948 Broadway, Saugus

Chung King Rick’s Café [Merrimack Valley]
446 Boston Road, Billerica

Mandarin Reading [North Shore]
296 Salem Street, Reading

Billy Tse Restaurant [North End]
240 Commercial Street, Boston

Billy Tse Restaurant [North Shore]
441 Revere Street, Revere

Discuss: Who makes the best PuPu platter in all the land?

Photo of pu-pu platter by Flickr member goodiesfirst under Creative Commons

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