A recent thread on Chowhound pondered other uses for pepperoni besides pizza, like adding it to vegetable or pasta salads or taking suzigirl‘s cue and making pepperoni “chips” by microwaving slices between layers of paper towels. They add a “crispy salty crunch” to salads, suzigirl says. Pepperoni also adds flavor to tomato sauces—letsindulge likes this Sirloin and Pepperoni Bolognese, while sbp sautées pepperoni until crisp, then dices it and adds it to a basic tomato sauce for braising chicken.

Other hounds use it to add a savory addition to quick breads. Jeri L likes these Zucchini, Cheese, and Pepperoni Muffins. Chopped pepperoni is nice in corn bread, calliope_nh says. And CHOW’s Pepperoni Pizza Quick Bread (pictured) pairs it with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes.

Discuss: Pepperoni – What would you make? Suggestions please.

Photo by Chris Rochelle / CHOW.com

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