Prime Smoked Meats makes a delicious, well-marbled bacon, says Curtis. Its flavors are well-balanced, with a nice smoke and sweetness, and it’s meaty, well-cured, and sliced thick. Some area butchers sell it, including Dan-R Meats, for about $4.99 a pound–still a bargain compared to many artisanal bacons–but if you go directly to their warehouse (open to the public) at their processing facility, you can buy it in three-pound increments for $2.59 a pound, says Eugene Park.

Dan-R Meats is worth the trip in its own right. The butcher breaks his own beef and buys it by the side, dry aging and trimming it all himself. He also makes his own sausage. And–if you’re inclined–he will make you a turducken at a great price.

Prime Smoked Meats [Jack London Square]
220 Alice St., Oakland

Dan-R Meats [Dimond District]
1440 Leimert Blvd., Oakland, CA

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Prime Smoked Meats = crispy bacony goodness (isn’t about time for a bacon throwdown?)

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